Ultralarge-scale simulations

Simulation of realistic graphene nanostructures is a challenging task. Typically, structures contain tens or hundreds of thousands of atoms. Hence, development of novel computational approaches is required. We study optical, magnetic and transport properties of graphene antidot lattices (GALs) using traditional as well as advanced recursive and time-propagation methods. Initial investigations include (see publications):

  • Transport in GAL barriers and tunneling devices
  • Transport in GAL waveguides
  • Magnetic and optical Hall properties of GALs

An important focus of the research will be doping and junctions in GAL based devices. These areas will be studied with the aim to characterized and optimize electronic and optoelectronic device performance.


graphene_qubit_fet thomas g wp2 (b385).jpg 

Figure: Field effect transistor based on graphene antidot lattice technology. Novel methods for simulating structures of this complexity are developed in this project 


 Thomas Garm Pedersen

Thomas Garm Pedersen (Leader)

Structure/device simulation, method and code development 

24 JANUARY 2021