Graphene 2D nanomolds

Graphene is naturally a planar two-dimensional material, but there is a whole range of new possibilities by forcing graphene out of its natural planar dimension. Bending, curving, and stretching the graphene modifies the electronic, chemical and photonic properties in dramatic ways. We use the outstanding clean-room nanofabrication facilities of Danchip to make non-planar nanostructured graphene, either by growing graphene on non-planar substrates, or by forcing graphene into nanoscale shapes after it has been created. By combination of conventional electrical measurements, THz spectroscopy, micro-Raman spectroscopy and micro-four point probe measurements we will try to understand the relation between this artificially induced 2D/3D-structure of the graphene and the electronic properties, and develop ways to fabricate such devices. 

 Peter Bøggild

Peter Bøggild (leader)
DTU Nanotech

Device fabrication, electrical measurements
24 JANUARY 2021