The ultimate goal of CNG is to use nanostructured  graphene – and other two-dimensional materials – as a vehicle towards ground-breaking scientific discoveries and new technologies.  In the pursuit of these goals we have divided our research into seven major thrusts:

  • WP1: Quantum transport and ab initio calculations 
  • WP2: Ultralarge-scale simulations 
  • WP3: Nanoplasmonics 
  • WP4: Nanostructuring graphene by direct application of nanoporous polymers as lithographic masks 
  • WP5: Sample characterization and device fabrication
  • WP6: Nanopore simulations and experiments 
  • WP7: Graphene 2D nanomolds 

The research conducted at CNG covers a broad range of different scientific fields. The seven work-packages all refer to one or more of these fields as the subsequent figure indicates.


Each work-packages has its own leader, who is also a member of the CNG Steering Board. Several of the Steering Board members participate in more than one work package.On the following pages you can read about the content of each work package and the people involved.

You can view the list of publications from CNG here.
24 MARCH 2023