N. Asger Mortensen

Prof. N. Asger Mortensen awarded Elite Research Prize

Friday 02 Mar 18
The Elite Research Prize is awarded to outstanding researchers under 45 years of international excellence. The Ministry for Higher Education and Science annually distributes five prizes.

Professor N. Asger Mortensen is one of this year’s five recipients of the prestigious Elite-forsk prizes, awarded by the Ministry of Education and Research. His research is concerned with the interaction between light and matter in nanostructures, where quantum physics gives rise to a wealth of new phenomena, which may contribute to the development of faster communication systems, more efficient information processing, or new ultrasensitive sensors. Prof. Mortensen is among the founding members of the Center for Nanostructured Graphene (CNG): graphene is one of the key materials where the phenomena investigated by Prof. Mortensen can be observed. This research has led to a large number of publications in the best journals, and they can be accessed at CNG’s home-page www.cng.dtu.dk

The entire CNG wishes to congratulate Prof. Mortensen for his pioneering research, and the well-deserved prize.

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24 JANUARY 2021